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Why Hungary is cheaper than the

UK or The Nedarlands or


Come for the price, stay for the quality of treatment

Dental Care Hungary trusts that quality of dental care should be affordable to all, no matter you live in the UK, The Netherlands or Germany. Thousands of patients from Western Europe come to Hungarian dentists for state-of-the-art care every year, saving between 50-70% on their treatment. Our rates are significantly lower than in any other European countries, however this does NOT mean any compromise, discount or cheap quality. Simply by using the services offered by Dental Care Hungary, you could save up to 70% on your dental care, compared to the local rates of your own country.

Saving between 70%

Reasons for our affordable prices

– Property costs and salary levels are both lower than in any other Western European countries, which translates to cheaper rates for our patients.
– We don’t spend money on unnecessary marketing, but we use carefully planned marketing tool and channels. Again, using talents in Hungary are cheaper than in Western Europe.
– Because of our partner network we can buy dental equipments and supplies in large amounts, meaning a discounted price for us. Our dentistries are equipped with the best quality in terms of
dental equipment, however we don’t spend on unnecessary features, but find modern environment essential for your comfort.


How we can provide

state-of-the-art dental care?

Affordable price does not mean any compromise on quality

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our services we provide. Our dental clinics are well-equipped, we use
state-of-the-art technology, materials and techniques. All our doctors have great experience in their specialities.
Each clinic places thousands of implants every single year with a success rate of 98-99%.

Succes rate 99%

Hungarian dentists are famous throughout the world for their high qualification, expertise and practical experience so their credentials are up to par with any of those in the western countries. Our dentists see thousands of patients every year with all sort of background and individual problems. Their passion about continuous professional development and language skills make them the best specialists in the region.

Certification of our dentists and clinics:

•    all our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists.
all our clinics are covered under a number of accreditation and licensing schemes. These schemes include
      –      Institute of Quality and Organisational Development of Healthcare and Pharma Industries
      –      National Health Commission
      –      Medical Service domestic accreditation schemes from the Hungarian Ministry of Health
Dental Care Hungary controls all partner dentistries based on its own quality assurance know-how (patented) and ISO standards


We make your trip to the dentist

an exciting dental holiday

Contact us today and smile tomorrow!

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