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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Service Provider declares that it shall dispose of all professional, magisterial, operational permits, requirements and service partners necessary for providing outpatient dental treatment and other health and human services, medical tool making related to dental services, in addition it shall possess medical liability insurance agreement to be able to pursue the business. Such agreement shall extend to those proceeding in his privity, to his contractual partners, as well as to his fulfilment partners and subcontractors. / Furthermore he shall declare that those proceeding in his privity together with his contractual partners shall dispose of medical liability insurance.
The contractual partners of the Service Provider can be checked at the link below.

Company name: OTI Medical Tourism Office Limited
Shortened company name: OTI Ltd.
Seat: 1126 Budapest, Nagy Jenő street 10. 1st floor. 4.
Trade register number: 01-10-046792
Tax number: 22964652-2-43
Bank account number:


The Client is a natural person or a legal entity who enters into contract with OTI Ltd. by purchasing or reimbursing the voucher of the webshop.



The General Terms and Conditions contains the general conditions of the legal relationship between OTI Ltd. and the Client who are in contract. Matters not regulated by this agreement shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Hungarian Civil Law, especially by the currently effective Act V of 2013 (Civil Law) and the relevant legal regulations.


The precondition of purchasing in the webshop is the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions by the Client, which is realized by clicking the button of acceptance.


The OTI Ltd. shall reserve the right to modify the terms of the General Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes come into effect on the day of publication on the website.


4.1. The OTI Ltd. provides enquirers with dental packages of different face value. The packages can be found on
The face value of dental packages can be used for any dental treatment at any of our contractual partners irrespectively of the name or the described content of the package. The treatments or services in the packages listed are indicative. The prices for individual treatments may differ at our partner clinics consequently it cannot be guaranteed that all the treatments in the package can be applied in return for face value.
Dental services cited are based on average fees charged by our partners. In every case, an in-person oral examination is required to determine your dental needs and subsequent treatment plan. The procedures you require may differ in price based on the results of your oral examination. The treatment plan, including prices for individual treatments quoted by our partner clinics will be discussed and agreed upon in-person prior to treatment.
4.2. The amount of the voucher purchased shall be managed in the virtual account of the Client as a balance. The balance is reduced by the amount of the service purchased with the voucher. The balance shall increase in the case of a new purchase by the amount of the additionally purchased voucher. The balance shall be transferable. The value of the treatment or other service shall be paid by showing the individual identification number, which can be found in the confirmation email. If the identification number gets lost, the Customer Service shall be immediately notified in order to prevent any misuse. The reimbursement of the balance is possible within 365 days after purchase, beyond this period the Client cannot claim refund to the Service Provider.
4.3. After selecting the package the Client shall accept the General Terms and Conditions prior to clicking the purchase button. Following the purchase the Client is sent a confirmation email, showing the identification number (ID) and the date of activation. The service is available until the expiry date, which is 365 days following the day of activation. The right of the service reimbursement shall be transferable. If the value of the service is less than the face value of the voucher, the remaining amount can be used to purchase further dental treatments or services.
4.4. The dental services at any partner provider can only be booked through at the Costumer Service of Dental Care Hungary, by phone, email or other online application on the website. Treatments shall be started after agreement and acceptance of the price offer.
In order to purchase in the webshop, a registration is needed on the website . While registration it is obligatory to give email address and password and to accept this General Terms and Conditions by ticking the checkbox referring hereto. After registration, the personal profile created can be extended by further personal details. Following this step online purchase is available by adding the package into the cart. The packages may be purchased by bank card transaction at the given selling price containing VAT. It is essential to provide the name or company name and address (country, city, postal code, street and house number) for billing.


5.1. Client, with the conditions stipulated in this General Terms and Conditions buys fee-based outpatient dental treatment services (there is no obligation of treatment) from Service Provider. Service Provider ensures opportunity to help organizing the journey to Hungary, making appointments for consultations via its contractual partners on homepage.

5.2. Service Provider shall supply the certain oral surgical and dental technical services as his own or as a mediated service, depending on his capacity. In this scope the Service Provider shall be entitled to call upon his fulfilment partners and subcontractors mentioned in the contract terms towards the best performance of the services specified in this contract. Client shall expressly consent to this by allowing their personal data, medical data to be passed on to the fulfilment partners, subcontractors and contractual partners to the extent needed to provide adequate services.

5.3. This General Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to the establishment and performance of all individual service agreements made by the parties before and after executing the agreements in compliance with dental (oral surgical) and dental technical services, furthermore to enforce claims resulting from the individual service agreements.


6.1. Client shall acknowledge that the Service Provider publishes average prices of the services on the website, which are indicative, non-binding price offers, not factual tariffs. The actual, individual price offer is based on the medical data submitted previously and it shall be finalized and accepted upon personal consultation. Following this first personal consultation, the chosen Service Provider shall provide a written price offer (incl. a treatment plan) that is valid for 30 days after issuing. Client can access the provided price offer in his / her personal profile on the website after signing in to the personal account. Client shall accept the price offer prior to the treatment on the website using the application in the personal profile. Service Provider has the right to modify the treatment plan during the binding period if it is medically justified.
6.2. The individual agreement shall be established on the occasion of the acceptance of the price offer by electronic way or if the Client commences the treatment or the Service Provider confirms the reservation in a written form. The signing of the price offer means the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as well.
6.3. After the establishment of the agreement the Client shall be obliged to inform the Service Provider in writing of any changes required by him and the Service Provider shall only be obliged to enforce these changes if they are professionally justified and if the indicated changes have been accepted in writing. Other instructions of the Client differing from the agreement shall only be deemed effective if confirmed by the Service Provider in writing.

7.1. Client is obliged to fill in the form related to the anamnesis paper completely and to hand it over to the Service Provider. Prior to commencing the treatments Client is obliged to provide the Service Provider with the personal data listed below: surname, first name, address, date and place of birth, mother’s name, medical insurance number or personal identity card number, furthermore a document verifying their personal identity must be shown up. By signing the anamnesis paper and/or by executing this General Terms and Conditions the Client shall give his consent to recording his data in compliance with their anamnesis and their personal data and shall give their consent to the managing of their recorded data for purposes of the treatments. The Service Provider shall be obliged to preserve the data as professional secrecy and shall observe rules of data management in line with the effective legal rules. The detailed rules of data management can be read in the Privacy Policy document on the website. Service Provider may forward such data to the fulfilment partners and subcontractors to the extent deemed necessary.

7.2. For surveying the general state of the teeth and mouth, making a panoramic x-ray may become necessary upon the first consultation. The Service Provider shall charge a fee recorded in the price list for making the x-ray. Provided that the Client disposes of an x-ray not older than 60 days, they may request the use of the brought/electronically uploaded copy of it (uploaded to the personal profile on the homepage of the Service Provider that is protected by the user’s password).
7.3. The first consultation and the preparation of the treatment plan is free of charge, provided that the treatment is commenced and continued by the Service Provider without interruption. In case the treatment is not continued, the fee specified in the price offer shall be charged for the consultation. Should the Client commence or continue the treatment (treatment serial) at a later date, within 30 days at latest, the Service Provider will deduct the consultation fee from the fee to be paid on the next occasion.
7.4. In the case of an incomplete or late submission of data, the Service Provider – according to his choice – may become entitled to rescind the contract or to modify the treatment plan.

8.1. Service Provider shall be entitled to modify the treatment plan at any time provided that it is medically justified. Service Provider is obliged to inform the Client of such modifications and the reasons thereof and shall make a new treatment plan.
8.2. Service Provider may use fulfilment partners (subcontractors, experts) for the treatments, furthermore certain treatments may make mediated services justified, especially in the case of dental technical works. Client shall give his express consent to the use of such persons.
8.3. During the treatments Client may ask for – on his own responsibility – the interruption of a treatment at any time (and to continue the treatment at a later date) and the termination of treatments. In such cases Client shall be obliged to pay fees only for the treatments and dental technical works which he has been provided with up until the notification of termination. Should the Client continue an already commenced treatment at a location other than the Service Provider’s contractual partners, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to continue treatments specified in the earlier Treatment Plan at a later date.
8.4. Service Provider shall reserve his right to suspend treatments at any time without liability for damages and compensation, provided that the mental state of the Client /Patient obstructs treatments or if there is an expired debt of the Client towards the Service Provider.
8.5. Client shall be entitled to modify the appointments made in advance and shall have the right to require to change the person of the doctor. In these cases Service Provider shall be obliged to inform the Client of the changes.
8.6. Service Provider shall preserve his right to change the contents of services without informing the Client, provided that it is necessary for security reasons or due to other legal requirements, or these changes shall not have material influence on the nature or quality of the services.

After purchasing the voucher Client shall be sent a confirmation email about the purchase with the identifying code (ID number). Client is entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal after the date of purchase according to which Client may withdraw from the application of the service with no cause. Service provider shall refund the amount transferred to Client in return for the voucher as a legal consequence of withdrawal.
9.1. As for the consideration of treatments Client is obliged to pay the Service Provider the contractor/service fees recorded in the individual price offer. In addition to the fees accepted mutually by the parties the Service Provider shall have the right to enforce any extra costs deriving from implementations different from the materials and technologies laid down in the confirmation or deriving from fulfilling further requests of the Client.
9.2. The Contractor shall make it available to settle immediate payments by using the voucher. If the individual balance of the voucher does not cover the full value of the implementation, the difference shall be settled in cash or by bank card payment. In the case of a dental technical work the Client is obliged to pay 50% of the total fee as down payment upon commencing the treatment. The remaining 50% of the fee shall be immediately due upon the delivery of the ready work (tooth work).
9.3. Should the Client fail to settle payments for any reasons on a treatment day, he shall be obliged to sign an acknowledgement of debt. Client may settle the debt within 14 days of the treatment without contributions (without taxes). After the expiration of the 14-day grace period the Service Provider may resort to legal action to enforce his due claims and the costs thereof shall be borne by the Client.
10.1. Service Provider shall provide guarantee for products and services seen below:
AB implant 12 years
Alpha- Bio implant LIFETIME WARRANTY
Straumann implant LIFETIME WARRANTY
Nobel implant 15 years
Bridges, crowns and inlay 3 years
Partial or full dentures 1 year
Fillings 1 year
Over denture (on implants) 3 years
10.2 Guarantee (warranty) shall not extend to temporary solutions, to later root-treatments of teeth with crowns/bridges, to any non-foreseeable consequences due to the natural reactions of the patient’s organism, improper use or non-adequate oral hygiene.
10.3 The guarantee mentioned above shall apply to restoration /medicative treatments and may be validated exclusively by presenting the guarantee ticket. A precondition to enforce claims is that Client shall appear in minimum one check-up per year at the Service Provider. In case any failure of a tooth work occur, another implant shall be put in by our dentists. There is no further costs thereof. At the same time please note that the price of the implant and / or the oral surgical intervention shall not be refunded by the Service Provider.
10.4 The guarantee applies to: if the dental restoration – under normal conditions of use – broke, loosen, crack, discolour, the filling fell out, we will restore, repair or change it for free of charge. In the case of implants the guarantee is only valid if our dental clinic or our contractual partners complete the full work (places the crowns and/or bridges as well).
10.5. The guarantee will be reduced or invalidated if:
– you do not attend the practice for check-ups at least once every 12 months
– oral hygiene is neglected
– dentist’s instructions are not followed
– after treatments the Patient resorts to dental treatments or dental technical works at another Service Provider
– removable restorations, such as partial dentures or full dentures are not used, maintained properly
– the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally reducing
– substantial amount of weight loss or gain occurs within a short period of time
– a general illness is present which has an unfavourable effects on the chewing organ (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, after-condition excessive X-rays or chemotherapy)
– damage caused by accidents, sports or any third party
– smoking or drug abusing occurs
– payment obligations are not fulfilled
10.6 The guarantee shall not apply to the following:
– allergies, tooth illnesses and their consequences exfoliated after treatment and was not noticeable before intervention
– damages caused by extreme stressing (grinding at night, grip of the teeth)
– damage of those dental restorations that were tried to be restored by another dentist, who is not a contractual partner of the Service Provider.
– temporary dentures, crowns or bridges
– the inappropriate selection of the colour and shape of the dental work by the patient (we provide opportunity to choose during the preparation but we cannot take responsibility for the decision of the patient).
– root canal treatment (root canal treatments has high risk factors, guarantee cannot be given to them, because the anatomic differences and the large number of variations cannot assure everything even under the most careful dental treatment.
10.7. Please note, that if your tooth or root canal unexpectedly (not seen during the diagnosis, X-ray or consultation) injures, opens during the preparation of fixed prosthetic works (crowns, bridges, inlays) Service Provider does not take any responsibility for the need of root canal treatments in these cases but does everything for the final, right treatment which shall be carried out at the patient’s expense (complex root canal treatment, root extraction, plan for the new prosthetic works and the preparation).
10.8. In case of dental technical faults the damage and costs covered by the guarantee – if guarantee conditions are met – the Service Provider shall be obliged to cover any and all dental and dental technical costs of restoration/replacement. The guarantee shall not extend to costs of dental treatments made by other than the contractual partners of Service Provider or to costs related to travelling.

11.1. Client is obliged to inform the Service Provider without delay without delay of any quality objections that occur within the guarantee period at the Customer Service of Dental Care Hungary, by email or by phone.
11.2. In the interest of a thorough investigation of the objection made, Client is obliged to appear on a check-up examination at his own expense. The objected tooth work shall be put at the disposal of the Service Provider together with all information and data in compliance with the complaint. The Parties shall draw up a record of such examination. Should the complaint of the Client be well-founded, the Service Provider is obliged to declare within three working days whether he is able to fulfil Client’s rightfully enforced claims to tooth restoration or replacement within the next 8 working days.
11.3. In case the Service Provider is released from his guarantee obligation in view of the reasons detailed in sections 10.2.-10.7., or the objection cannot be investigated due to the loss / other reasons of the objected tooth work (e.g.: the delayed submittal of the complaint), the complaint will not be accepted by Service Provider.
12.1. Service Provider declares that the person signing the agreement is entitled to power of representation.
12.2. In case the Client has unpaid debt during the services taken, the Service Provider shall be entitled to send the Client a written payment notice to settle the debt immediately after the expiry of the grace period indicated in section 9.3 in this General Terms and Conditions. The written payment notice shall interrupt the term of limitation granted for the enforcement of the claim. Notifications and notices sent by the Service Provider shall be deemed delivered upon the 1. day of sending them to the e-mail address submitted by the Client and upon the 5. day of sending them to the postal address of the Client.
12.3. Client shall be obliged to inform the Service Provider of any changes made in their data stipulated in section 4.6. of this General Terms and Conditions (especially name, address, e-mail address) within three days. Service Provider shall be entitled to keep records of such data until the period of limitation of his claim enforcement resulting from the services specified in this agreement.
12.4. By signing the agreement the Client or the legally appointed representative of the Client shall acknowledge that they have got acquainted with and accepted the provisions of this General Terms and Conditions.
12.5. For the settlement of legal disputes deriving from this agreement the Parties hereto shall stipulate the sole jurisdiction of the court having territorial jurisdiction and authority, to be specified on the basis of the seat of Service Provider. Matters not regulated by this agreement shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Hungarian Civil Law, especially by the currently effective Act V of 2013 (Civil Law) and the relevant legal regulations.

Payment by credit card at our online store

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protocol. When paying with a card, you will be redirected to OTP Bank’s payment site, which means that the transaction itself takes
place on a site operated by the Bank in accordance with the requirements and security regulations of international card companies, rather
than at our online store. We will thus be unable to access or otherwise acquire your card details or data of the pertaining bank account,
in any form.
Be sure to have your card ready. In order to complete your payment, you will need the following information:
• Card Number (A 13 to 19-digit number embossed or printed on the front of your card.)

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We currently accept the following cards:
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condition for acceptance, your issuing bank must also support the use of Maestro cards in e-commerce transactions. Before
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In order to further enhance the security of online card use, OTP Bank has introduced its Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure
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If your issuing bank does not offer any VbV/MSC services, or you have not requested it, the payment process will remain
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If VbV/MSC services are available at your issuing bank, and you have opted in, the payment process will be different.
You will still need to enter your card details (card number, expiration date, verification code) via the OTP Bank payment site.
After this step, however, you will be automatically redirected by the Bank to the appropriate site of your issuing bank, where
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you are unable to have your identity confirmed, the transaction will be cancelled.

Data Protection Policy and Conditions of Use
(hereafter Privacy Policy)

The purpose of this “Data Protection Policy and Conditions of Use” (hereafter Privacy Policy) shall be to determine the most important rules of the controlled data and the system of registration thereof in compliance with the effective legal rules, especially with Act XLVII of 1997 on the Management and Protection of Public Health Data and the Relevant Personal Data, furthermore with Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Self-determination and the Freedom of Information. Thereby the realization of the requirements related to provisions of data protection can be ensured on a high level. Furthermore, the Data Protection Policy hereto shall ensure that no unauthorized persons can have access to the data managed by the Service Provider and Data Controller and the data should not be publicized.
I. Conditions of Use
The work of is assisted by qualified physicians and marketing experts who, with their articles disclosed on this homepage, wish to facilitate the guidance of Users and Patients. However, we draw the Users’ and Patients’ attention that articles and information appearing on the portal and in the newsletters by no means substitute professional medical attendance and consultancy and may not constitute the basis of professional advice. Service Provider shall not be liable for any data, information found on the homepage and for the damage and inconveniencies resulting from the use thereof.
II. Copyright homepage shall in full be protected by copyright, the information and data found thereon may be saved and printed exclusively for personal use. The copy, reproduction, any type of alterations of any purposes, furthermore releases are strictly forbidden. Unauthorized use will go with criminal and civil law consequences.
To be able to use copyright protected contents found on the page, the written consent of the operator of the page shall be necessary in all cases.
III. Data Protection Regulation

Name of Service Provider as Data Controller:

Hungarian Dental Tourism Development Ltd
seat / postal address: 1126 Budapest, Nagy Jenő street 10, 1st floor 4.
Trade register number: 01-09-942985
Tax number: 22774839-2-43
Bank account nr: HU54 11708001-20563815-00000000
National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information registration numbers:
NAIH-74621/2014 (database for sending newsletter)
NAIH-74620/2014 (database for registration on the website)
NAIH-74619/2014 (database for providing additional services)
(Hereafter: Service Provider)

Name and address of Data Processor:
Photel Communicational Private Limited Company (H-1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14.
IV. Naming the data management:
Data management based on users’ voluntary, aware and expressed contribution in the case of users having registered on the internet homepage.
V. The legal ground of data management:
Based on 5. § of Act CXII of 2011 on Information Self-Determination and the Freedom of Information the voluntary consent of the person concerned shall be necessary, for the validity of data management consent in the case of underage users the permission or posterior approval of their legal representatives is needed.
Users may supply their written consent to the management of their particular data – after reading and accepting the “Privacy Policy” – by clicking on the URL sent to their e-mail address after registration.
VI. The circle of the data managed
Data supplied by the user on an obligatory basis during registration: user name, surname and first name, e-mail address. Provided that the Patient wishes to make use of the services ensured by the Service Provider, depending on the nature of the service the data below may also be required: name, e-mail address, gender, place and date of birth, invoicing name, invoicing address, number of credit card, health insurance number.
Service Provider shall ensure Patients the possibility to upload x-ray copies not older than 60 days, earlier medical documentations, treatment plans to their medical attendant. The Service Provider shall guarantee that access to such documentation uploaded by the Patient will only be available for the dentist and the physician doing the therapy, furthermore for their professional apparatus and the contractual partners, subcontractors performing the dental outpatient service and other human health service, and will be available for the data processor. Data shall not be forwarded to any third parties.
VII. The purpose of data management
1. The purpose of managing health and personal identification data is primarily the promotion of health maintenance, health improvement and conservation, the subservience of the efficient therapy activity of medical attendants, including the activity of professional supervision, the tracking of the health condition of those concerned, medical-professional and epidemiological investigations, analysis, the planning and organization of health care , cost planning, statistic investigation anonymization with the aim of impact assessment and scientific research, the legal or authority control of the organization or person managing the data, the facilitation of the work of organizations doing the professional or legal supervision, if the purpose of supervision cannot be reached via other methods. Further purposes shall be completing the tasks of organizations financing health care, the assessment and improvement of the quality of health services, the regular supervision and development of the assessment criteria of health services, the supervision, measuring and evaluation of the efficiency of the health system, the facilitation of the effective and safe medication for those entitled to health services, establishing a cost-effective medication therapy and the enforcement of rights related to health care across the borders within the European Union.

2. In the case of data supplied by the user mandatorily, the purpose of data management shall be to identify the entitlement of the user. Service Provider may use the e-mail address and telephone number given by the visitor for purposes of keeping contact. Service Provider may use any and all data given for statistical purposes, furthermore that commercials / contents belonging to the interest circle of the user could appear in newsletters sent by Service Provider and on pages downloaded when visiting the homepage. Such use of the data may be banned – by signing off – by sending a letter to e-mail address.
3. In case of data recorded in the log file while using the homepage, the storing of the data has technical and statistical purposes only. The anonym visitor track, as sign series (cookies) is in itself unable to identify the client (the visitor), it is only capable of recognizing the computer of the visitor. Users have the opportunity to set their browsers in a way that it would not allow the setting of the individual identifier onto the computer of the user (depending on the browser, it is usually found in the tools menu in section “settings/ internet settings”). In this case, too, users may take the majority of the service, however in certain cases (for example in the case of customized solutions) users may not be able to use certain functions of the service fully.

VIII. Definitions:
medical data: data related to the bodily and mental state, the possible addictions of those concerned, furthermore data related to the circumstances of getting a disease or the circumstances of death, to the causes of death, data communicated about patients by themselves or by another person, or detected, examined, measured, derived by the health care network; furthermore all other data being in connection with or having any influences on the aforementioned points (eg: behaviour, environment, job).
personal identification data: surname and first name, maiden name, gender, place and date of birth, mother’s surname and first name, place of living, place of residence, social security identification number (hereafter SSN) together or any of them individually, provided that it is capable of or can be capable of identifying those concerned;
medication: All activities which aim at the conservation of health, furthermore at the direct examination, treatment, care, medical rehabilitation of those concerned for purposes of the prevention, early recognition, diagnosis, therapy of the illnesses and for the keeping the level of or improving the evolved deterioration of the state of health. In addition, in the interest of all the aforementioned points, it aims at processing the materials of the patients, including the circle of medicines, medical aids and medical services, ambulance services and
the transport of patients, furthermore obstetrical service, too;
medical secrecy: health and personal identification data learnt by the data manager in the course of the therapy, furthermore any other data learnt in relation to any ongoing, necessary or already completed medical therapies;
medical documentation: any and all notes, registration containing medical and personal identification data the medical attendant learnt in the course of the therapy, or data recorded by any other means independent of its form and carrier;
physician doing the therapy: the physician specified in section 3. § b) in Act CLIV of 1997 on Public Health Service;
medical attendant: the physician doing the medical therapy, the health care worker, the health professionals, any other persons, pharmacists doing any activities in relation to the therapies of patients;
data controller: the medical attendant; the institution leader; the data protection supervisor; the organization employing the patients rights representatives; the organization handling public health documentation;
close relatives: the spouse, lineal relatives, the adopted, step and foster child, the adoptive parent, step and foster parent, furthermore siblings and the companion;
urgent necessity: a sudden change in the state of health by which the patient might get into a direct life-threatening situation if lacking immediate medical attendance, or would suffer serious or permanent health damage;
EEA State: the member state of the European Union and other states being a party of the agreement on the European Economic Area, furthermore the state whose citizens enjoy identical legal status to citizens being a party in the agreement on the European Economic Area based on the international agreement made between the European Community, its member states and the state not being a party in the agreement on the European Economic Area;
third country: all states which are not EEA states;
IX. The time period of data management
Data submitted on an obligatory basis or voluntarily by the user in the course of registration may be handled by Service Provider until the user takes advantage of the opportunity to sign off ensured by the Service Provider. (Based on the arbitrary decision of the user, the Service Provider shall delete data within 5 days of getting the user’s request to sign off. Provided that the user misapplies any personal data or realizes a criminal offense, the Service Provider, by methods ensured in the conditions of use the Service Provider may immediately delete all personal data together with deleting the registration simultaneously with learning the offenses
The system stores data recorded in the log file in the course of using the service. The date of the last visit will automatically be overwritten by the system upon the next visit of the user.
X. Deleting personal data:
The User shall pass his request for the deletion of his personal or particular data via e-mail to address. Service Provider shall delete such data within 5 days of receiving the request for deletion. In case the deletion has been done, no restoration of data is possible.
Personalized commercials/contents:
Service Provider may display personalized commercials/contents if users have required the service of sending newsletters.

XI. Law enforcement
Users may exercise their law enforcement rights before authorities having jurisdiction in Hungary, based on Hungarian legal rules, furthermore before the court, based on Act XLVII of 1997 on the Management and Protection of Public Health and the Relevant Personal Data, on Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and the Freedom of Information, furthermore on the Civil Law.
Users may also resort to the help of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (dr. Attila Péterfalvi is the chairman of National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, 1125 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c). Should you have any further questions or remarks, please contact the colleague of the Service Provider at e-mail address.
XII. User contribution to data management
Users, upon reading the data management regulation hereto shall regard the contribution below as accepted, if clicking onto the URL sent to their e-mail address by the Service Provider.
“The Data Controller and Data Processor”, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Management Regulation shall be entitled to manage and process any and all of my data submitted in the course of my registration to homepage, furthermore my particular data supplied on the homepage after registration, any of my uploaded medical documents, earlier treatment plans and x-ray papers. I have acknowledged that underage users may submit their data exclusively with the consent of their legal representatives (parents)”. 

The Service Provider shall be looking forward to your remarks in connection with “Data Protection Policy and Conditions of Use” and shall request you to ask your questions should you have any via the contacts menu item.
Service Provider, taking the Visitors’ remarks into account, may update this document occasionally.
10 April 2014 

Terms & Conditions TRAVEL SERVICES


Please read these Terms and Conditions before using this website and making any booking. When you make a purchase on the Site, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.
All correspondence regarding customer service or your booking should be sent to Malév Air Tours Ltd. Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14. Budapest H-1097 Hungary. or by e-mail to

Contents of these Terms and Conditions:
1. Your Contract
2. Information & Disclosure of information
3. Flight Only
4. Hotel & Flight + Hotel
5. Visa, Healthy & other travel documents
6. Insurance
7. Financial Protection
8. Special requests and assistance
9. Payments
10. No Shows
11. Refunds
12. Queries and Complaints relating to your Booking
13. Other generally acceptable terms

1.0 : Your Contract
Please read this carefully before confirming your booking:

These booking terms and conditions cover all booking made on this site and they vary depending on whether you make a booking with us for a package holiday or flight only, accommodation only or other separate travel arrangements.

If you book Individual Components with us, we will make the booking as agent for the relevant supplier(s) (“Travel Provider”) (e.g. the airline, hotel supplier, insurance supplier or other ground supplier) and your contract will be subject to the supplier’s own terms and conditions which could limit or exclude liability to you, often in accordance with international conventions. Copies of the supplier’s terms and the international conventions are available on request.

If you book a flight only with us your contract will be direct with the airline shown on the ticket, as soon as we have issued you with a valid ticket our contract with you, directly, has been fulfilled.

A contract will come into existence between us only once we accept your booking and we receive your deposit (where permitted) or full payment via cleared funds. We reserve the right to refuse, at our sole discretion, any booking. For online bookings, the contract will come into existence upon acceptance of the booking conditions presented at the end of the booking process and once we have received full payment via cleared funds.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking if we have made a mistake in relation to the price. We will ensure that we notify you of such mistakes within 24 hours of your booking, provided your travel has not started yet.

Please note that all services offered are subject to availability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which you give us is accurate and that information which is given to you by us or any of our suppliers is passed on to all members of your party.

When you make a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept, and do accept these conditions on behalf of all members of your party


1.1 : Travel Supplier terms and conditions
The following applies to all products or services booked via our Site:

The Travel Supplier’s terms and conditions (including airlines’ fare rules) will apply in addition to those set out here. The Travel Supplier’s terms and conditions may include provisions relating to payment procedures, default, liability, cancellations, changes of bookings and refunds (if available) and any other restrictions.

You are responsible for complying with any airline or other Travel Supplier conditions in relation to check-in times, reconfirmation of flights, or other matters.

2.0 : Your information and Disclosure of information
When making a booking on-line you will receive a booking acknowledgement on the same day of booking. Please check that all names, dates and timings are correct on the acknowledgement and advise us of any errors same day by contacting us. Please note that we will not accept any responsibility for incorrect information if we are not informed within this timeframe. Any changes to these details may incur an amendment fees in addition to any charges applied by the Travel Provider. Please ensure that the names given are the same as in the relevant passenger’s passport.

The booking information that you provide to us will be passed on only to the relevant Travel Providers of your travel arrangements or other persons necessary for the provision of your travel arrangements. The information may therefore be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as required by law. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to us such as details of any disabilities, or dietary and religious requirements. Certain information may also be passed on to security or credit checking companies.

VISA (if you are a not EU citizen)
If you travel from outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), controls on data protection may not be as strong as the legal requirements in Hungary.

If we were not authorised to pass this information to the relevant Travel Providers, whether in the EEA or not, we would be unable to arrange your booking. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant parties.

Full details of our data protection policy are available upon request.

3.0 : Flights
Flight times shown are provisional and may be subject to change, as per the Principal’s booking conditions. For all flight bookings please reconfirm your flight times 48 hours prior to departure as per the Principals/airline’s instructions. This applies to outward and homeward journeys, as changes to flight times may be made during your time abroad. We cannot be held responsible for you missing flights if you have not followed these instructions. The recommended minimum check-in time for international flights is 120 minutes prior to departure and for domestic flights, 90 minutes before departure. Additionally we recommend that you contact your airline on the day of travel to ensure that your flight is operating as per schedule.

We strongly recommend (particularly if you are flying Economy class), that you check in early if you have particular seat requests. this site has no control over the allocation of seats, even if pre-booked with the airline, and can make no guarantee that specific seats will be available on departure.

Most flights are now ticketless and you should ensure that you have your flight reference number as detailed in the confirmation we email to you for your flight. Some flight providers will require that you check-in on line, please refer to your airlines website for further information.

Many low cost carriers require that you print your boarding pass at home and bring it with you to the airport. this site cannot be held responsible for additional airport charges for failure to do this.

Seat availability and pricing is at the principal’s discretion and is subject to availability. Please note that prices can fluctuate. Every care is taken to ensure our online systems are up to date and correct. Please be aware however that as we use third party data, there may be occasions where the prices we show are incorrect or inaccurate. Please accept our apologies for any accidental misrepresentations on this website or other affiliated sites. If your chosen flight isn’t available for any reason we will contact you immediately and offer alternatives. Alternatives may include changing airlines / routes, increased cost for the original flight requested or a full refund with no penalty or administration fee.

Airlines may charge for additional services such as checked baggage, airport check-in, preferred seating, in-flight entertainment (if available), food, drink and snacks etc. Any charges for these additional services are not included in the price of your flight ticket and must be paid either to this site in advance of departure date to avail of any discounted rate or to pay the airline directly. this site is not responsible for any additional costs incurred and advise you to contact the relevant airline to add any additional services and verify charges.

Flights must be used in the order set out in your itinerary; any failure to use the ticket out of order could invalidate the rest of the ticket.

this site is not responsible for the costs of any transfers between airports or terminals that you may incur unless otherwise specified clearly and in writing.

The times given are based on the 24 hour clock system, are approximate and based on outbound flights. They may vary depending on flight schedules, type of aircraft, weather conditions etc., and are indications of the hours spent actually flying (excluding time on the ground during stops en-route or when changing aircraft) and are therefore given for guidance only and are subject to alteration and confirmation.

Regulations vary with each airline, but some will refuse to carry women who will be 28 weeks or more pregnant on the date of return travel. If booking on-line you must check with the airline concerned and consult your doctor prior to confirming your booking. Please inform us about your pregnancy in every case. We also need to know the actual time of the pregnancy at the time of the travel.

Infants must be 6 weeks old or more to travel by air and must sit on an adult’s lap. Bassinettes can be requested, however, there is no guarantee that one can be provided. If you are booking on-line we suggest that you contact us to request a bassinette. Infants who turn 2 years old before the return flight will be required to have a seat and a child fare must be paid. This cannot be booked on-line and we suggest that you contact our call centre prior to booking on line for such reservations.

3.1 : Changes to your flight requested by you
All air fares are subject to terms and conditions as set by the airline. As soon as your confirmation is dispatched the contract is formed between you and the airline and the airlines rules are in force.

With the exception of full IATA fares, all fares displayed on this website are subject to penalties for changes and refunds (including but not limited to financial penalties or being non refundable / changeable). If you have any concerns regarding the terms pertaining to changes or refunds for the fare you wish to book you must contact our call centre for clarification prior to completing an on-line booking. All bookings completed on line will be subject to the terms and conditions as set by the airline and this site has no authority to waive or alter any fees or penalties.

To request a change of date to your booking please contact our call centre. Our reservations staff will advise you if your booking is changeable and if any airline penalties are applicable. All changes are subject to availability. As well as change penalties additional fare may be chargeable to change to your required dates. Changes cannot be held provisionally, if a change is requested the airlines penalties (where applicable) will be chargeable. this site will only confirm changes once all additional fare and penalty (where applicable) have been paid in full.

To request a refund please e-mail us on All refunds will be processed in order of receipt. Once received you will be notified of any penalties and we will request a confirmation of your acceptance of the penalties, the refundable value and your confirmation to cancel any active flight segments. Failure to advise us to cancel any active flight segments will result in you being registered as a “no show” and this may invalidate any claim for a refund. Please note refunds can take up to 4 weeks to obtain the money from the airline and for us to return this to you. Payment of refunds can only be made back via the original form of payment.

Credit card fees, ATOL fees and scheduled airline failure fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation (either by you or the airline/Travel Supplier).

In addition to any penalties set by your airline this site reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of minimum €20 for processing changes and refunds.

Where you make a booking modification, it is your responsibility to ensure that it does not conflict with any other product or service you have purchased either through this site or independently.

Please note that airlines do not generally allow name changes on flight bookings, however, some airlines do charge for the same.

3.2 : Changes to your flight made by the airline
Airlines reserve the right to make schedule changes and cancel confirmed bookings. While this site, as Agent, is not responsible for such schedule changes or cancellations, we will make all efforts to advise you of any schedule change or flight cancellation as soon as is possible and provide you with all reasonable assistance you require via our customer services. All schedule changes and cancellations are dealt with by our customer service team in strict date order. Subject to the volume of changes made by airlines at any one time we may not be able to advise you at the time we are advised. We do, however, work to the EU standard as set for airlines of 14 days prior to departure, where time permits.

this site is not responsible for any losses as a result of changes being made to your flight by the airline. Any claim for compensation must be addressed direct to the airline.

3.2.1 : Changes to bookings where no travel has commenced
this site, where possible, will offer you re-booking onto alternative services or a refund, as per the terms set by the airline in their commercial policy. Please note we are unable to offer any terms outside of the airlines policy. If a full refund is requested and a subsequent booking is made with this site no administrative fees will apply. If a full refund is requested and no subsequent booking is made this site reserves the right to charge a €20 administrative fee. this site has no influence over the sum refunded by the airline and in all cases any request for compensation must be addressed direct with the airline.

3.2.2 : Changes to bookings where travel has already commenced
this site, where possible, will offer you re-booking onto alternative services or a partial refund, as per the terms set by the airline in their commercial policy. Please note we are unable to offer any terms outside of the airlines policy. If a partial refund is requested and a subsequent booking is made with this site no administrative fees will apply. If a partial refund is requested and no subsequent booking is made this site reserves the right to charge a €20 administrative fee. When calculating a partial refund airlines deduct the applicable fare for the journey already completed and refund the balance less any taxes and surcharges already consumed. this site has no influence over the sum refunded by the airline and in all cases any request for compensation must be addressed direct with the airline.

In certain circumstances you may be entitled to compensation under EU Regulation EC 261/2004. Any claim for compensation is between you and the airline concerned. this site is not a party to any such claim. For additional information please refer to

4.0 : Hotels and Flight + Hotel
this site does not provide package or holiday recommendations, we simply provide interchangeable flight and hotel combinations as separate components. We provide descriptions of hotel accommodations along with locations. We assume no responsibility (express or implied) for the suitability or quality of the travel products and services, selected by you, as featured on this site.

We offer star ratings as per the official star rating of the hotel. You should be aware that standards can vary between hotels and accommodation of the same class in different countries and even in the same country. Different countries have different standards; a 3 star hotel in one country is not necessarily equivalent to a 3 star hotel in another.

Check-in / Checkout times – Generally guests can check into a hotel or other accommodation around 2pm and check out at 11am, local time. However, local variances may apply. Should you require more precise timings or an earlier check in or later check out, please contact us.

All pre-payable local taxes will be collected in the total price show, however, some cities do apply a local hotel tax that can only be paid locally. These taxes do vary and it is not possible for us to include these in the package price.

Images – Whilst we endeavour to ensure that property images and descriptions of amenities and facilities displayed on this site are an accurate and up to date representation of the properties, we cannot guarantee this always to be the case as we obtain this information from our Travel Suppliers. The images and information are provided to give a general ‘feel’ for the hotel and may not be an exact representation.

Images of room types do not necessarily represent the bed configuration of the room being purchased. For example, a triple room in North America may consist of one double bed and one single bed or a double room in Austria may consist of two single beds. Also, there may be an additional charge for extra beds or cots. Please contact the hotel directly to confirm the exact bed configuration before purchase if required.

Breakfast and transfers are not included unless otherwise stated.

In the event of availability or quality issues with your hotel, we will use our best endeavours to relocate you to the same or superior category of accommodation. If you do not accept the alternative accommodation, you may cancel the booking and we will refund less any fees. Should you wish to re-book a different property at a higher price, you will be liable for the additional cost.

If you have any quality or overbooking issues with your hotel upon arrival or during your stay, you will need to contact the Duty Manager in the first instance to resolve the issue. Should he/she not be able to solve your problem , you will need to contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may use our best endeavours to relocate you to the same or superior category of accommodation. this site will not be responsible for any additional cost incurred due to quality or overbooking issues if you do not contact us and give us the opportunity to re-book you. Any additional costs will only be paid by this site if pre agreed by us and we have confirmed to you in writing or via e-mail.

this site will not liable for the failure or improper performance of any of the travel arrangements or suppliers if the failure or the improper performance is due neither to any fault of ours nor to that of another travel supplier, because—

(a)the failures which occur in the performance of the contract are attributable to the consumer
(b)such failures are attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for, and are unforeseeable or unavoidable; or
(c)such failures are due to—
(i)unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the party by whom this exception is pleaded, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised; or
(ii)an event which the other party to the contract or the supplier of services, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall.
We do not accept responsibility for changes or cancellations that are due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or governmental action.

In the event that you make any alteration to your hotel booking (including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds and amendments) this site reserves the right to charge you an administration fee of 25 EUR per booking to cover the administration costs incurred by this site. These charges do not include any charges imposed directly by the Travel Supplier or hotel. Credit card fees and booking fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

4.1 : Changes to or Cancellation of your Flight + Hotel Package by you
If you wish to change or cancel your Flight + Hotel booking then please call the this site Customer Services team. We will endeavour to amend or cancel your booking, however, many flights and hotels used in Flight + Hotel bookings are booked at discounted rates and are, therefore, non changeable and non refundable. Any change to a flight or hotel may require the purchase of a new flight or hotel booking. You will be liable for all associated costs of a new booking.

this site reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for all cancellations and changes.


4.2 : Changes to or Cancellation of your Flight + Hotel Package by us or other Travel Suppliers
this site reserves the right to make changes to your Flight + Hotel Package where such changes are occasioned by one of its Travel Suppliers, for instance an airline cancelling a flight or a hotel closing down. We will notify you as soon as we can, if there is sufficient time before your departure. This will be via email and/or telephone.

If you are notified of any Major Changes to your Flight + Hotel Package after we have confirmed your booking but before you travel, you can either accept these new arrangements (and cover any additional increase in price from your original booking), buy another Flight + Hotel package (and cover any additional increase in price from your original booking) or cancel your Flight + Hotel Package and receive a full refund from this site less a Euro 25 administration fee per person on top of any charge made by an associated supplier such as a hotelier.

Major Changes shall include: a change in your departure or arrival flight by more than 12 hours; a change in the length of your holiday; or a change in the airport you depart or arrive from (except where the airports are in the same cities), a change of accommodation to a lower standard.

this site will not be liable to you for any compensation if forced to cancel or make any changes to your Flight + Hotel Package as a result of events outside our control and which neither this site or its Travel Suppliers could reasonably foresee. Events outside our control include: war; threats of war; government intervention, terrorism; riots; civil unrest; natural and nuclear disasters; fire; actual or potential weather conditions; health risks; industrial disputes; technical problems with transport; closed or congested airports; and any force majeure events.

Where as a result of such an event occurring after your departure a significant part of your Flight + Hotel Package cannot be provided, you will be offered a suitable alternative by the Travel Supplier, if available. If a suitable alternative is not available, or for good reasons, you do not accept the offered alternative, we will return you to your place of departure. Again we would strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance to cover such circumstances.

4.3 : Baggage
You will usually be permitted a free checked baggage allowance and a free cabin baggage allowance, the limits of which may differ by airline, class and/or route. Please note low cost carriers such as Jet 2, Easyjet & Monarch do not have a free checked baggage allowance, for more information please refer to their websites. The amount of checked baggage you are allowed depends on your class of travel/destination. Several leading carriers have now introduced additional charges for checked baggage on either a piece or weight basis. It is recommended that cabin baggage is kept to a minimum. Extra charges may apply for checked baggage in excess of the permitted allowance. Please ask the airline for more specific information as these rules vary from time to time. You can refer to for information and links. For safety reasons dangerous articles must not be packed in checked or cabin baggage. Restricted articles include, but are not limited to, compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, poisons, infectious substances and briefcases with installed alarm devices.

If your baggage is lost or stolen you must report this direct to the airline, preferably before you leave the airport. For additional information on lost or delayed baggage please refer to

5.0 : Visa, health and other travel documents
By making a booking on this site you accept that we are unable to provide any information regarding visa and travel documentation on line. You are responsible to ensure that you hold the correct travel documents and visas required for the route booked and for your final destination.

Our website offers scheduled flights from all the major airlines. Please note that in certain cases these flights may be indirect and fly via other airports. The connection airports will be clearly shown on the results screen and if you click “more flight detail”. You are also responsible for ensuring that you have the correct visa(s) for any en-route intermediate stops as well as for your final destination.

If you have any concerns regarding visas please contact our call centre before making an on-line booking. this site cannot be held responsible for an airline refusing to board you, your being turned back to your origin point en-route or any additional costs incurred as a result of any failure by you to hold the correct visa or other required documentation.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that all travellers booked (including children and infants) hold a valid passport document. this site cannot be held responsible for any financial loss incurred due to passports not being valid or not being processed in time by the relevant embassy, or any other immigration formalities not complied with.

this site is not qualified to give any information regarding health requirements. We suggest that you contact your doctor for all questions regarding health requirements for your final destination and any en-route intermediate points.
6.0 : Insurance
We recommend that all passengers take out adequate travel insurance. It is a condition of booking with most Principals that adequate insurance cover is arranged in order to cover you and your party against the cost of cancellation by you; the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness; loss of baggage and money; and other expenses. Some airlines or Principals may prevent you from travelling, if proof of insurance cannot be provided. We can introduce you to suppliers of suitable cover if required. We accept no liability arising from your failure to obtain adequate cover. If you have booked your insurance through a supplier introduced by us, you will receive a confirmation policy document prior to travel.

7.0 : Special requests and assistance
As part of the booking process for flight tickets or hotels you are given the option to enter the details of any relevant frequent flyer programme of which you are a member. Please note that any such frequent flyer programme is subject to the terms and conditions of the airline through which it is offered. Those terms and conditions may not give rewards on all types of fare and class of service. Please contact the airline or hotel in charge of your frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programme if you are unsure of its terms and conditions. Please note that our Travel Suppliers have their own rules and regulations with regard to loyalty cards. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.

In relation to the ‘special requests’ options relating to any product (e.g. dietary requirements, room types, disabled facilities, child seats etc.), this site does not guarantee any such requests but will pass these requests on to the Travel Supplier/hotel. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Travel Supplier or hotel whether such special requests can be fulfilled. In the event you have been charged a separate fee for a special request which can then not be fulfilled by a supplier, a full refund will be made to you for this.

Expectant mothers: Airlines have different rules regarding the upper limit beyond which they would permit a pregnant woman to fly. As a general guide, almost all airlines decline to fly a woman beyond 36 weeks of gestation. In the phase between 28-36 weeks, most airlines will require that the passenger bring her doctor’s letter stating that she is fit to fly and unlikely to go into labour within 36 hours. The cut off points for a woman carrying twins is likely to be much lower. We advise all expectant mothers to check with your GP before making any travel plans and to provide us with a written confirmation of your pregnancy and your GP’s letter as detailed above which will be acknowledged in writing by us. This will be passed to the airline so that you may be permitted to board the flight without any hiccups. Without this confirmation and GP’s letter in place, you may still be issued with travel documents but we cannot guarantee you will be permitted to fly. As travel agents, we tend to take the word of the passenger as truth when it comes to disclosure of any material fact that may affect the passenger’s booking including if a female passenger is pregnant and how far along in the pregnancy she is. The travel agency places trust in the pregnant passenger to adhere to the Terms & Conditions and disclose the fact of her pregnancy at time of or before booking.

In all cases of special or other requests, please remember that in most cases, the booking is made online or over the telephone and we do not get to meet you. Without meeting you, we cannot establish any material fact as to your disability or pregnancy or other special condition which may or may not be apparent physically. We, therefore, require you to disclose any such facts that may affect your booking to us.

8.0 : Payments
With online confirmed bookings, your card will be debited immediately in order to avoid any loss of fare/holiday booked. Should payment be successfully charged to your card but the bank has not given us a full go-ahead due to a variation with some detail supplied by you, (incorrect billing address; expiry date; issue number; security code or cardholder name), further documentation will then be required in order to verify the cardholder’s credentials. It is highly recommended that you provide this information at the earliest opportunity to avoid loss of booking/fare.

In parties of two or more persons, the person who makes the booking or who makes the payment accepts the responsibility of making all payments to us for all members of the party and will receive the travel documents and other information on behalf of his/her party once all outstanding balances are cleared. Should one or more of the party members decide to cancel, any cancellation charges must be met by the cardholder / lead party member in order to complete the booking and receive travel documents on behalf of the rest of the party. If payment is not received for the cancelled members, travel documents will not be released to the remaining passengers. In most cases, full payment is required at time of your online booking.

In most cases, full payment is required at time of your online booking. In some cases, a deposit payment may be sufficient to hold the seat, hotel, and we shall notify you of the date by which the balance payment is due. It is recommended that balance payments are made by the stipulated time as if you do not pay on time you may lose the booking/fare and be responsible for paying any fare difference. Your final travel documents will only be released to you once full payment is in place.

Any deposit payments made are non-refundable.

Before payment is received in full, this site or the Travel Supplier is not obliged to issue any tickets, confirmations, vouchers, or other travel documents. However, you shall in all cases remain liable for payment of the amounts agreed for the travel products and services ordered. Prior to full payment the cost of services may increase, you will be liable for any increase in cost prior to full payment being received. In all cases we will contact you and give you the opportunity to pay in full to avoid paying such increases.

Payment can be made by all major debit and credit cards. We reserves the right to charge you in addition for any handling fees we or the Travel Supplier incur in relation to bookings made by credit card. You will be notified of the relevant charges at the time of booking. this site reserves the right to pass on any charges relating to card charge backs or payment disputes. If your booking is being paid for with a third party credit card we require written authorisation to be provided by the card-holder.

We reserves the right only to deliver e-tickets, confirmations, e-vouchers or other travel documents to your credit card billing address or e-mail address provided at time of booking when authorised to do so by the credit card issuer. All e-mail addresses used must be valid at the time of booking.

*IMPORTANT: in some cases, the E-Ticket / holiday documentation will already have been issued at the time of booking. This is due to your having chosen an instant-purchase or promotional fare at the time of booking. Such bookings will be issued immediately as otherwise the fare / holiday price may increase or the booking may be auto-cancelled but the E-Ticket / holiday documentation will not be released to you until the requested documentation is received by us. In cases where the documentation is not received by us and tickets / holiday documentation have been issued, a 100% cancellation charge will be applied.

Documents may be sent to us in one of the following ways:
Via fax : +36 1 235 3143
Via email :
In person or via post : Malév Air Tours Ltd. Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14., Budapest, H-1097

*All confidential information is destroyed after verification.

8.1 : Declined payments
Should payment be declined, we shall contact you for another card or payment method. It is highly recommended that you provide alternative payment details at the earliest possible opportunity in order to avoid loss of booking and/or increase in price.

8.2 Third Party Payments / Overseas Cardholder Payments
If you are travelling but are not the cardholder (third party booking) OR if you are an overseas cardholder (with a billing address outside of the UK), we shall require the cardholder to expressly authorise the payment to us. This will include providing proof of cardholder identity in one or more of the following ways:
• Copy of front/back of the card used for payment with all numbers blacked out except the last 4 numbers
• Signed letter of authorisation from cardholder
• Recent bank statement showing cardholder name & billing address (you may black out all other confidential information)
• All confidential information is destroyed after verification.

9.0 : No Show
A ‘No-Show’ occurs when you fail to turn up on the day of departure for your flight or at your hotel on the booked arrival date and where you have not cancelled your flight/hotel /train or other reservation in advance of the departure date. Any such cancellation would need to have been received by this site via email. Please note that, in relation to flights, a ‘No-Show’ for a flight may result in your ticket being cancelled by the airline and therefore may not be refundable. Any re-issue or change of date will be at the discretion of the airline. Any un-cancelled, non-arrival at a hotel will be treated as a ‘No-Show’.

In some cases when you are unable to take your flight and the ticket is non-refundable, you may be eligible to claim some or all of the taxes charged at the time of purchase. If you wish to make a claim for any taxes that may be refundable please do so in writing to the following address: Malév Air Tours Ltd. Könyves kálmán krt. 12-14., Budapest, H-1097. Please note that refunds can only be processed to the form of payment used at the time of booking and that all refunds are subject to the relevant airline’s policy and a EUR 25.00 per person Administration Charge.

10.0 : Refunds
Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment used at the time of booking. This will be made payable to the person who made the original payment. When processing a refund for a flight ticket, please be aware that not all taxes are refundable. A tax refund will be processed in accordance with the relevant airline’s refund policy. Taxes fluctuate in line with exchange rates. Not all airline tickets are refundable. We make all effort to refund you as soon as possible; however, delays can occur when we are waiting for monies to be returned from your airline or other travel providers.

To make a refund claim, you will need to email with full details of passenger name/s, booking reference and ticket number.

this site reserved the right to change an administration fee for processing a refund.

12.0 : Queries and Complaints relating to your Booking
Please contact our customer services team via the CONTACT US tab on this website if you have any other enquiries relating to your booking prior to departure.

If you have a complaint relating to a Travel Supplier and/or hotel during your stay, please ensure that you officially log your complaint with the relevant Travel Supplier and/or hotel whilst there. We suggest that in the case of hotels you take photographic evidence. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Travel Supplier, please contact us (out of in order to afford us the opportunity of trying to rectify the matter to your satisfaction.

If you have any other enquiries or complaints relating to your booking during your stay, please contact us and no later than 7 days after it giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. If we or any of our Travel Suppliers require further information you must supply that promptly in writing. This simple procedure must be followed as we and our Travel Suppliers need to be able to investigate the problem and, where possible, rectify it quickly. In relation to Flight + Hotel Packages your failure to comply with this procedure could result in us being unable to accept responsibility.

Additional information regarding complains and procedures can be found at

13.0 : Other generally acceptable terms
Your rights under EC Regulation 261/2004 if your flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding.

If you are travelling into or out of the EU, or on an EU carrier, you may have rights which you can assert against the relevant airline in the event that your flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding.

this site does not accept liability where the failure to provide part or all of your booking, death or personal injury is not caused by any fault of us, our agents or Travel Suppliers.

In respect of international travel by air, sea and rail, our liability will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant international conventions.

Where this site is liable for direct loss this will be limited to a maximum of the total price of the products or services in respect of which a claim is made.

this site will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of your use of this Site or any of the travel products or services booked or purchased on the Site.

13.1 : Advance Passenger Information (API)
All airlines are required to collect Advance Passenger Information from passengers before travel to or from the Spain and the USA and certain other countries. You agree to supply this information to this site and consent to this site passing this information to the airlines who may onward disclose it to foreign authorities. If you do not supply Advance Passenger Information, you may be refused entry to these countries. It is also important that the information is accurate so that you do not have any delay when you pass through Immigration on arrival in these countries. The information you will be asked to provide will depend on the country you are visiting but will include passport information, city and country of residence and destination address if travelling to the USA (for all travellers on your booking).

If you are travelling to a country that requires Advance Passenger information, this site will ask you to fill out this information on the confirmation page after you have completed your booking. If you do not have the information to hand, this site will send you an email confirmation containing a link where you can enter the information manually at any time before your departure.

If you are travelling to / from or via the USA, API information is required a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure. If you are booking within 72 hours API information will be required to complete the booking process. Many airlines inhibit the issuance of tickets to / from or via the USA without API information. Failure to provide API information for flights to / from or via the USA may result in the airline cancelling your booking (both ticketed and un-ticketed). this site accepts no liability for any losses or additional costs you may incur.

13.2 : ESTA
If you are travelling to or transiting through the US under the Visa Waiver Program, it’s now compulsory for you to get online authorisation (an ESTA) before arriving at your departure airport. You must do this at least 72 hours before departure.

13.3 : Customer Behaviour
It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not behave in a way which is inappropriate or causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness, air rage) whilst on your holiday or using a service/product. If your behaviour is inappropriate and/or causes offence, or damage to others, or risks damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our Travel Suppliers (e.g. airline staff) may cancel you booking, in which case our and our Travel Supplier’s responsibility to you will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Further, you will be liable to reimburse us for any expenses we incur as a result of such termination.

13.4 : Use of the Site
The Site is provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. this site does not accept any liability in respect of your ability to access or use the site at any time or any interruption in that access or use or any failure to complete any transaction. this site does not warrant that the Site is free from computer viruses or other properties that may cause loss or damage.

13.5 : Information on the Site
this site offers all of the general information on the Site for purposes of guidance only. Please note that this site may at any time change any aspect of the Site or its content, including the availability of any suppliers, features, information, database or content. You need to check with the relevant Travel Supplier, destination, embassy, or tourist office to confirm the guidance is up to date. In particular, with respect to passports, visas, and vaccination requirements, this site does not guarantee that the information is always up to date and it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and comply with all relevant passport, visa, and vaccination requirements.

this site does not guarantee that information on the Site (including without limitation prices, descriptions or dates) is free from errors or omissions but we will use all reasonable endeavours to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention. By way of example, the majority of hotel and other accommodation descriptions are fed directly to our Site by the Travel Supplier or the hotel’s themselves.

13.6 : Your Obligations
You agree to be bound by the following obligations, including without limitation:

You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.

You must be 18 years of age or over and have legal capacity.
You warrant that all information you provide about yourself or members of your household shall be true and accurate.

The Site must not be used for speculative, false or fraudulent bookings.

The transmission of threatening, defamatory, pornographic, political, or racist material or any material that is otherwise unlawful is expressly prohibited.

The Site and any content may not be modified, copied, transmitted, distributed, sold, displayed, licensed or reproduced in any way by you, except that one copy of the information contained within the Site may be made for personal, non-commercial use.

13.7 : Denial of Access
this site reserves the right to deny access to the Site at any time without notice.

13.8 : Links to Third Party Web Sites
The Site may contain hyper links to external web sites owned and operated by third parties. this site has no control over or association with such third party sites and no responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness and quality of the information contained within them. Any and all contents on these external web sites do not reflect products, services or information provided by this site. You should direct any concerns regarding any external link to the site administrator or webmaster of such site.

13.9 : Force Majeure
this site shall not be liable for any failure in the course of this Agreement if the same shall arise out of a force majeure event. This shall include without limitation government intervention, wars, civil commotion, hijacking, fire, flood, accident, storm, strikes, lockouts, terrorist attacks, or industrial action affecting this site or its suppliers.

13.10 : Currency Converter
Currency rates quoted in the Site are derived from a number of sources and may not in all cases be updated daily. You may wish to verify actual rates on the date of booking. In addition, where hotels are payable on check-out, the exchange rate may have changed since the time of booking.

13.11 : Security Policy
this site uses secure technology in order to safeguard personal information and financial transactions.

13.12 : Changes to Terms and Conditions
this site reserves the right to change or update the Terms and Conditions relating to use of the Site from time to time without prior notice to you. The current version of the Terms and Conditions will be displayed within the Site from the date on which any changes come into effect. Continued use of the Site following any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.

13.13 : Governing Law
These terms and conditions form a contract between you and this site Limited, which is governed by Hungarian law. You agree that any disputes will be dealt with in the Hungarian courts.

The Site is offered to you by this site Limited, whose registered office is at Malév Air Tours Ltd. Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14., Budapest, H-1097. All legal documents should be sent to this address. All correspondence regarding customer service should be sent to this site, Malév Air Tours Ltd. Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14., Budapest, H-1097

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