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17 Táncsics Mihály Road, Hódmezővásárhely, 6800 Hungary

Ars Dental


Aesthetic tooth filling, implantology, zirconium crown, zirconium veneer, root canal treatment, oral surgery

Spoken languages

Hungarian, English, German, French

More about the dentistry

We started our company in 1997, but the history of dentistry in our family goes back much further as our parents are also reputable dentists and dental technicians. Our family enterprise continues their good name.
Our aim and motto is to relieve our patients’ stress and any fear of treatment in a friendly, calm and hospitable atmosphere. We designed our clinic based on this concept and always have assurance in mind when we offer our patients full-service, premium-quality professional care using the latest instruments, diagnostic background and state-of-the-art materials.
We strive to provide our patients with a high standard of service on both the professional and personal level. In order to do that, we are continuously updating our treatments, furthering our professional knowledge and implementing the latest techniques.
We have a highly qualified team, are conscientious in our work, and are enthusiastic and experienced. A dental specialist and several dental assistants, dental hygienists and dental technicians have joined our team since 2006.
As a family enterprise, we have the advantage of being able to respond to a variety of personal needs in a flexible way. We establish a harmonious relationship with our patients so they can feel relaxed while receiving professional care of the highest standard.
Our team works to gain your confidence and provide you with personalised care. Feel free to contact us.

Our Dentists

Dr. Andrea Gáll, Dr. István Sarkadi

Ars Dental

Address: 17 Táncsics Mihály Road, Hódmezővásárhely, 6800 Hungary

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