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Tooth replacement, implantology, conservative dentistry, orthodontics, root canal treatment, dental hygiene treatment

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More about the dentistry

Our dental clinic offers a full range of dental care – from simple dental treatments to more complicated and complex implants.
We use several methods for inserting implants. Our clinic is served by our own dental lab, so we are able to prepare good prostheses quickly. Both fixed and removable dentures are made here under supervision. Fixed prostheses can be made within 5 days after an impression is made. Porcelain and zirconium crowns and, upon request, implant restorations are also available. Grinded teeth that have been filed down can be covered immediately with temporary crowns.
After exposing the gum, we insert titanium implants into the bone. Three months later, when they are entirely integrated and ossified, they are ready for full use. When there is insufficient volume of the jawbone, it can be augmented with your own or artificial bone. The latest implantation methods make it possible to insert implantants immediately following tooth extraction. In this case, we extract damaged, decayed teeth and/or teeth in atrophied gums and replace them immediately with implants. Three days later, temporary dental protheses are placed on them. Implant tooth replacements can be fixed, glued or partially removable. We recommend partially removable restorations when the jawbone is severely atrophied or when financial considerations prevent fixed solutions.

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Dr. Viktor Czina


Address: 47 Béke Road, Abaújszántó, 3881 Hungary

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