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1./4. 2/2 Soroksári Road, Budapest, 1095 Hungary

Poncz Dental


Implantology, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery

Spoken languages

Hungarian, German

More about the dentistry

Free and creative healing.
Our mission is to ensure dental surgery with professional knowledge, in a soothing environment, and with the latest anaesthetic techniques (‘Magic Wand’).
We have created a dental clinic with a friendly atmosphere where everyone receives individual care based on our professional background and expertise. We pay special attention to the demands of paediatric dentistry.
Our prepared, dedicated, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals welcome patients to our dental clinics in Budapest and Monor. Thousands of satisfied, smiling dental patients have benefitted from the professional experience of our dentists, Dr. Lajos Poncz and Dr. Ernő Poncz. We continuously expand our knowledge in the various fields of dentistry. Winning our patients’ trust is our greatest success.
Our dental hygienists help solve problems related to gingivitis and periodontal disease. Our dental assistants regularly participate in additional training courses. We have the infrastructure and facilities for complex oral surgery. Inlays, crowns and bridges are made by one of Hungary’s leading dental labs, on the basis of our precise preparatory work.
We have chosen the best manufacturers of dental equipment and have the latest technology that helps us recognise and cure tooth, gum and bone disease in the early stages. Our team’s language knowledge makes it possible to treat Russian, Ukrainian, German and English speaking patients.
We have also been developing multimedia presentations to show our patients the work that goes on behind the scenes in our clinic.
Our Budapest location is on the Pest side of Petőfi Bridge, in a frequented area of the city. It is a comfortable environment with a beautiful view of the Danube. We offer our patients two hours of free parking in the Duna House building.

Our Dentists

Dr. Poncz Ernő, Dr. Lajos Poncz

Poncz Dental

Address: 1./4. 2/2 Soroksári Road, Budapest, 1095 Hungary

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