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Pressed ceramic crown, gold crown, crown without grinding , Veneers, CAD/CAM, tooth replacement, oral surgery

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I graduated from Semmelweis University and did my residency in dentistry at the Kútvölgyi University Clinic under university and postgraduate professors, where I participated in treatment of numerous complicated cases. I furthered my knowledge by working with other renowned oral surgeons and orthodontists. Later I also taught dentistry students.
When I left that clinic, went to work in one of the most famous dental clinics, where I had the opportunity to treat complex cases.
After completing my examination as a specialist, my collegue, Dr Szűcs Orsolya, and I opened our private practice, which we have designed according our own tastes.
My main professional interests are oral surgery, prosthetics (tooth replacement) and periodontology. I am dedicated to enriching my knowledge and have studied under, and participated in, practical courses with renowned oral surgeons at home and abroad. I am a member of the Swiss based International Team for Implantology. I have integrated all the evidence-based advanced oral surgery techniques in our clinic and have improved our equipment with the same approach.
In addition to oral surgery, my favourite field is prosthetics (tooth replacement). We use many different dental restoration techniques: metal free and gold crowns and bridges, bridges without filing down teeth, inlay, onlay, combined prostheses with precise anchorage. My main objectives are precision and pain free treatment. I demand attention and focus from myself and my collegues. I believe that this is the key to truly valuable and successful work and long term results. I make every effort to gain my patients’ confidence, and believe that this is the only way worth working.


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