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Initial contact
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Step 1

Initial Contact and Assessment

Our customer service colleagues are available between noon and 8.30 pm on working days to assist you via telephone or e-mail. Our colleagues will get in touch at your preferred time and via the medium of your choice based on the information you enter into the contact form on our website. They will do everything they can to answer any questions you may have about treatment in Hungary.

Dental Care Hungary is not just a dental clinic – we represent a dental network comprising Hungary’s premier dental clinics. Our mission is to offer high-quality and affordable services to anyone wishing to travel to Hungary for treatment.

The treatment available in Hungary not only meets the highest standards of safety and comfort, but also offers considerable financial savings. Our services cannot be matched in terms of quality or value for money in your home country.

Hungary is an excellent choice for anyone who

•      knows they require dental treatment and is looking for a high-quality and affordable solution
•      has set aside money for treatment but found that it is not sufficient to cover the high cost of dental treatment
•      in their home country
•      finds the quality of treatment available in their home country to be inadequate
•      believes it to be important to feel that they are in good hands during the course of their treatment
•      and wishes to be surrounded by state-of-the-art technology in tasteful surroundings
•      is flexible and wishes to get to know Hungary and the heart of Central Europe. In addition to its dental offerings,
•      Hungary also has a wonderful capital, cuisine and spa culture
•      is reassured by the knowledge that Hungarian dentists are exceptionally well trained owing to the high level
•      of education in the country.

If this sounds like you, don’t delay and inquire about our services through one of our colleagues. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier life!

Step 2

Receiving a Quote

Once you have discussed your questions with one of our colleagues and we have determined which course of treatment you require, you have several options:

•      if you have X-ray images that are less than three months old, please send them to us as they will allow us to make a 90% assessment of your needs and provide you with a preliminary quote for treatment

•      if you do not have X-rays or those you have are more than three months old, we recommend a free consultation. Following receipt of your X-rays, we are only able to provide an approximate quote as a full diagnosis can only be made once you have met with one of our professionals in person. Those patients requiring a 100% accurate quote can receive this in person in Hungary. More information on this option is provided in Step 3

•      if you do not wish to travel to Hungary for a free consultation, you should consider whether or not you would be willing to travel for your treatment at all. If the answer is yes, there is still an option available to you: we have agreements with several radiology centres in the UK and Ireland that can help you by preparing new X-rays that will allow our experts to provide you with an indicative quote. We have partnerships with radiology centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin.

Step 3

Personal Consultation

Whether or not you receive a quote in advance, a personal consultation is the best way to make sure that Hungarian dentistry is the right choice for you. As well as learning about the types of treatment you require and their cost, we are sure you will be impressed by the high quality of treatment, outstanding value for money and exceptional expertise of Hungarian dentists. You will also have the opportunity to choose up to three top dental surgeries from among our partners and meet each in turn free of charge. This will help reassure you that we truly offer only the highest quality, which is something you will experience with all of our partners, regardless of which one you choose.

During your personal consultation, you will meet your dentist, receive a comprehensive treatment plan and have the opportunity to discuss any remaining questions you might have in person with the specialists.

Consultations are free of charge in all cases. You need only to cover the cost of travel and your stay in Hungary. We will provide you with the following consultation package to provide you with sufficient information to choose the right course of treatment and clinic for you:

•      a personal consultation with your three top dental surgeries
•      three treatment plans, which you can compare and discuss on site with the dentists who compiled them
•      the possibility to commence your treatment immediately following your consultation at one of the dental surgeries

Step 4

Treatment Plan(s)

If you receive a treatment plan during the course of your consultation, or were provided with a quote on the basis of your X-ray, all you have to do is decide on the following:

• was I quoted a good price?
• will the recommended treatment solve my dental problems?
• am I certain that I am receiving a lasting solution?
• if I have received a better offer, which one should I choose and on what basis?
• was the environment I experienced (e.g. the dental clinic and dentists you meet in the course of the personal consultation)
• right for me?
• is the information I have been provided sufficient, or do I have any further questions?

At Dental Care Hungary, we work hard to make sure you can once again enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile every day. Our colleagues are always on hand to answer any questions that may come to mind, no matter what phase of treatment you are in.

Step 5

Travel & Treatments

You will need to travel to Hungary as part of the free personal consultation, if applicable, as well as for the treatment itself.

Did you know…
… Hungary is only a two hour flight from the UK?
… depending on the season, flights cost approximately £400/€550 ?

Is £400/€550 worth spending to ensure you arrive back home with a solution that will make your life much more comfortable in the future?

Dental Care Hungary is also a great choice as we are able to take care of all your travel needs through our partner travel agency at no extra cost.

We are more than happy to assist you with coordinating your travel plans, but if you prefer to organise your own travel, you are more than welcome to. In the event that you make your arrangements through us and subsequently decide to obtain your treatment through us, we will credit you with £210, which you can put towards your treatment as part of your first trip here.

So if you’re here in Hungary and you’re about to start your treatment or right after consultation or in case of a new journey, our colleagues will be here for you all the time. For patients who accepted the treatment plan our dentistry ensures free transfers from the airport to the hotel and toward the dentistry too. They also take you back to the airport so you can be in complete comfort. Your treatment will always take place in one of our premium dentistry. Not only the modern equipment and the relaxing environment ensure the high quality of the dentistry but also the professional competence of the doctors who treats you and the high quality of the used materials too.
Our partner dentistry have been treating foreign patients for years. Their language qualification allows them to treat patients from another country and also ensures you to fully understand the steps and necessity of the treatment.

Your residence in Hungary depends on what kind of treatment you need. In case of an implant surgery or aesthetics treatment we suggest 5 days so the crowns and bridges can be prepared properly and you can return to your home completely satisfied. Before treatment in every case we consult with doctors about the time interval and our customer service will provide you all the information you need.

We appreciate that it is a big step to visit us and find out for yourself about the excellent treatment available in Hungary and fully appreciate the importance of peace of mind when ensuring your health concerns are addressed in the best possible environment.

We thank you for placing your trust in us,
Dental Care Hungary

Contact us today and smile tomorrow!

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