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An aesthetic and durable solution for the correction of decayed or injured teeth. more »

Aesthetic fillings are made of a tooth-coloured, light-curing filling material. This is the most common restorative treatment for teeth damaged by minor or moderate tooth decay or other causes.
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An inlay or onlay is an aesthetic deposit fabricated in a dental technician’s laboratory. It is used for the restoration of chewing teeth when a simple filling can no longer provide a secure solution but it is not yet necessary to prepare a crown. more »

Have your teeth lost their sparkle? Would you like a brighter smile and healthier and whiter teeth? Tooth whitening is a painless and fast aesthetic treatment for a bright and natural smile. more »

A tooth replacement can be fixed or removable. The most common fixed replacements are crowns and bridges, while the best known and most common removable replacements are prostheses. Dental implants are the best solution in terms of fixation, stability and appearance. more »

Turn back the clock with a new set of strong and healthy teeth. Dental implants allow you to wear a prosthesis, giving you for the feeling of original teeth for life. more »

Bone substitution is necessary when the available bone quantity is not sufficient to support the dental implant. Replacement techniques are bone grafting, sinus lift and bone block surgery. more »

Studies have shown that people happy with their smile, teeth and face are more outgoing, confident to smile and communicative. Give our smile a makeover that will put new spring in your step. more »

Conservative dentistry includes all treatments that serve to protect natural teeth. Typically, these are fillings, fissure sealing, inlays/onlays and root canal treatments. more »

The aim of the orthodontic treatment is to ensure the normal development of the dentition by removing obstacles, thus to create normal function and ideal form (aesthetics) and, in case of pre-existing disorders, their restoration. more »

The most characteristic early symptom of receding gums is bleeding. With early treatment, gum problems can be solved and the loss of teeth can be prevented. more »

Most people put off trips to the dentist because they have a fear of pain. There is no need to worry, thanks to local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation, pain during dental treatment is a thing of the past. more »

Plastic surgery here refers to facial, lip and gum plasty, which can be carried out even in dental practices. more »

Thanks to modern diagnostic tools that are able to detect even the smallest problems, your dental condition can be assessed very precisely. This information forms the basis of a treatment plan. more »

The objective of preventive dentistry is to prevent dental and oral diseases and to slow down the progression of pre-existing damage. Preventive activity in dentistry mainly focuses on the prevention of tooth decay and gum inflammation. more »

Gnathology provides information on the future durability of tooth replacements, and on any possible alteration to the masticatory system that needs to be improved. more »

Crowns and bridges can now be made of zirconium, the state-of-the art material of dentistry. They faithfully imitate original teeth due to their light transmission properties and are exceptionally stable. more »

One of the most aesthetic long-term solutions among metal-free restorations for covering the front teeth, preparing bridges and veneers. more »

Tooth decay can often be so advanced that it hurts the nerves of the tooth. In cases of intense pain, root canal treatment is indispensable. In such cases, root canal treatment eliminates pain and makes it possible to clean the damaged tooth. more »

Although dentists aspire to preserve teeth, there are cases when a tooth can no longer be saved. Unfortunately, in these cases, the tooth has to be pulled out. more »

Removal of wisdom teeth is necessary in cases of abnormal location or severe decay, for example. They are usually removed through oral surgery under local anaesthesia. more »

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