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All of us would love to have beautiful, bright and healthy teeth. It makes us confident and we tend to smile more. Aesthetic fillings are the newest method for filling teeth, they look exceptionally natural.

Having a tooth decay no longer means getting a grey, displeasing amalgam filling. Instead, it is now a basic requirement that fillings are tooth-coloured and barely noticeable, if at all.

What are the advantages of today’s composite fillings?

They meet the highest aesthetic expectations, are easy-to-shape, provide appropriate function and are also mechanically resistant, thus long-lasting.

What’s the process of filling a tooth?

Under local anaesthesia, the decayed area is exposed using a drill. The infected tissue is removed and the cavity is prepared to receiving the filling. Layers of soft filling material are then placed in the preformed cavity and hardened using a special lamp. After becoming hardened, the filling is shaped and polished, becoming immediately ready.

What if I don’t have my cavities filled?

Tooth decay can lead to the complete destruction of the tooth in about 2 years, culminating in the loss of the tooth.

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