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Not every Hollywood star was born with a perfect smile. Today, an aesthetically pleasing, bright smile is not only the privilege of the stars.

On the contrary, devoting time to our appearance is synonymous with the preservation of our physical and mental health. People satisfied with their smile and face tend to laugh and communicate with their peers more confidently. Equally, those dissatisfied with their smile or teeth may fear discrimination because of their deformed teeth or visible gum problems.
The harmony and beauty of the smile is not only determined by the characteristics and features of the face. The way in which the teeth forming the centre of the smile fit the facial characteristics also contributes. For example, the teeth of a narrow-lipped, thin-faced lady would be optically lost in the mouth of a full-lipped, widely smiling woman.

Are you satisfied with your smile?
Would you like to have beautiful, attractive teeth like the stars?
When you look in the mirror, do you see something in your teeth or gums that you do not like?
Do you wish your teeth were whiter? Or better aligned? Do you think your teeth are too short or too long? Do you find them to be too wide, or too round? Do gaps between your teeth bother you?
Would you like to rejuvenate your face?

Smile design, one of the latest innovations in aesthetic dentistry creates harmony between your face and your smile.

What are the advantages of smile design?

The aim of dentists is to achieve facial harmony with functionality in mind.
Smile Design is a digital program which is able to carry out a detailed analysis of a patient’s face based on photographs. The perfect smile can be consciously planned after determining the components of a smile: among others the gum line, the shape of the tooth arch, the length, width, shape, axis and position of the teeth, their hue and colour. After performing all the necessary measurements and designing the new smile for you, the system shows your current appearance and your appearance with the new smile, or even different smiles from which you can choose, so it requires your active participation in finding your future look.
This new smile serves as the basis of the treatment plan that your dentist, dental technician, if needed orthodontist, oral surgeon or even plastic surgeon will follow.
Seeing your future look – which from the screen will be transformed into reality – before starting any treatment will give you the confidence and force to undergo the treatments.

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