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4 Kútvölgyi Road, Budapest XII., 1125 Hungary

Premium Dental


Implantology, orthodontics, periodontology, ozone therapy, oral surgery

Spoken languages

Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, Russian

More about the dentistry

Premium Dental is located in the clinical section of the Kútvölgyi University Hospital in Budapest. Our highly qualified medical team welcomes you with world-class equipment, 5 days a week and in 5 treatment rooms.
Specialists in the various fields of dentistry – conservative, oral surgery, periodontology (dealing with gum problems) and orthodontics – work together in professional collaboration to ensure each aspect of treatment is performed by the best qualified professional.
Our dental clinic has the tools necessary for accurate diagnosis, including a panoramic X-ray machine and three-dimensional dental CT. The latter is a state-of-the-art instrument also available to assist with implants. We have our own dental laboratory in house and guarantee its work.
We use modern anaesthesia techniques to ensure pain-free dental treatments. Our doctors use Japanese micro needles for injections, thus reducing fear for patients with an aversion to needles.
Premium Dental is a private clinic that combines comfort with the professional skill of our university-trained dentists. The Kútvölgyi University Hospital also offers the infrastructure necessary for major treatments requiring more time. When necessary, general anaesthesia monitored by an expert anaesthesiologist is also available.
Our treatments are always preceded by a consultation, during which the dentist gives you detailed information about the various solutions available, the steps of treatment, time required, technical procedures and of course, the costs.

Our Dentists

Dr. Csilla Endrődy , Dr. Réka Korchmáros, Dr. Tamás Korchmáros, Dr. Ákos Sárosi , Dr. Judit Szabó , Dr. Orsolya Vereckei , Dr. Mónika Zarándoki

Premium Dental

Address: 4 Kútvölgyi Road, Budapest XII., 1125 Hungary

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