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34/A Gesztenyés Boulevard, Sopron, 9400 Hungary

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Hungarian, English, German

More about the dentistry

Our dental clinic was established nearly two decades ago by my father, who is still actively working. Our practice is characterised by two generations working in cooperation, tradition and innovation, several decades of professional experience and advanced technology.
Our skilled professionals have been working together for a long time – which only adds to the success of our clinic.
We ensure gentle, pain-free treatments and patients are welcomed in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Three treatment rooms and a confidential ambience ensure treatments run smoothly. We exclusively use proven, high-quality instruments, equipment and materials.
Close contact between the dentist, patient and dental technician helps to fulfil each patients’ desire for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing results.
For our patients’ comfort, our receptionists reduce waiting times to a minimum through preliminary contact on the telephone, via the internet, or in person.
We also have two shifts to handle emergencies.
The efficiency of our treatment is improved by using the latest instruments and technology. Intraoral X-rays facilitate the immediate recognition of a problem and post-treatment evaluation. CT scans, soft and hard lasers and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology make our treatments successful, quick and precise.
For the whitening of teeth, we use a plasma lamp, guaranteeing the preservation of whiteness for several years.
We place great emphasis on prevention of dental diseases and offer free consultations every six months.

Our Dentists

Dr. Mária Kovács

Úry & Úry

Address: 34/A Gesztenyés Boulevard, Sopron, 9400 Hungary

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